March for Life outcovered by tiny anti-gun lefty party…

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The liberal left wing drive by state run media has shown its predeliction for new embargo and blackout (again).

The 40th annual March For Life, one of the largest annual peaceful protest marches in Washington, DC annually had estimates >400,000 participants. No coverage except for Fox News and religious broadcasters.

Fast forward to a couple days later at the anti-gun rally, which had less than 10% of the March For Life crowd, and it’s wall to wall coverage by the usual suspects.

Here’s one video of the March for Life. Enjoy some truth, a la equal time…ESH is not surprised at the typical media bias. That might be why the Kenyan kommie was crying (again) about Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Just burns despots that they don’t have a monopoly on getting the message out any longer.



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