Regime does head fakes with Diktat ‘amendment’; groups say ‘unacceptable’…

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The Regime is trying to mend its PR optics with the Catholic and protestant communities and has once again come up flat and short.

No one is falling for the latest in an 80 page head fake on the diktat by Sebelius and the Kenyan kommie. It is once again an accounting gimmick and all parties see it for the miserable flop it is.

Father Pavone of Priests For Life said it best: “the only acceptable change to the HHS mandate is to rescind it.”

Catholic spokesman quickly dismissed the latest ‘amendment’ and even Jewish commentator Charles Krauthammer eviscerated the Regime over suppression of the ‘good works’ of lay Catholic organizations, whether for profit or not. The secular, anti-Catholic Regime, with this renewal of its war on the Catholic Church, wishes to be the final arbiter as to who is or is not a certain faith, much like its cousin regime in various marxist communist states like China and North Korea.

In the end, the Regime will have to lose face as it loses the battle royale against people of faith on the matter of abortifacients, sterilization  and so-called “contraceptives” (often masquerading abortifacients). It will have to concede defeat and suspend the diktat against the Catholic Church and those who find this mandatum illegal and immoral.

Whether done under its own volition or at the point of a gun from the courts remains to be determined.


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