Who are the papabili?

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Speculation already is running rampant on the Internet as well as in Rome, on the heals of the announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI as the 266th Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

A listing of cardinals both eligible and non-eligible (age >80) at the Conclave that will be assembled in the Eternal City as soon as the Pope’s resignation takes effect on 28 Feb 2013 AD at 20:00 Rome time.

The Church’s many enemies, the enemies of Christ and his One, True, Holy and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord God and Savior on the Rock of Peter, lick their chops trying once again to dictate Her demise.

It’s a fool’s errand as a wise pope once told the masons and the Jews in the 19th century, if we cannot destroy it ourselves from within, you have little hope of doing it from without. This would  include the freemasons, the Mohammedans,  Jewish leaders, the liberals, the various splinter bands on the left, various pagan sects, the heretical and apostate Christian sects, inter alia. 

Sorry, ESH does NOT do false ecumenism, false “religious liberty” and syncretism. All those paths lead to the devil and death, away from the Truth, the Way and Eternal Life.


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