Fluke is a fraud, part of war on preborn women and religion…

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Known for her slutty debut a year ago, Sandra Fluke, the champion of free so-called “birth control” for women, has reached a new low in her quest to shame the American public into believing that when it comes to promiscuity and slutty sex, employers with well-formed consciences are badly in need of government intervention. And have no 1st Amendment religious rights, except to fund her playground activities, which she claims are in excess of $3000/year.

In addition, Flukey has a serious problem with religious freedom if the expression of that freedom interferes with her heart’s desire – free so-called “birth control”, which is often abortifacient, dosed by high powered steroids that negatively impact women’s health and often result in a chemically aborted baby. Like it or not, that is the bare truth, Flukey.

Last fall Flukey appeared with the Kenyan kommie pretender to the throne for the first time during a campaign rally in Denver, assuring the audience that Obama was the man who understood what women need. In some of her appearances, barely TEN (10) people showed up. She is not only a dunderhead, but also of no consequence.

In Flukey’s world there are no moral absolutes; there is no place for true religious liberty or conscience protection for those with a properly formed conscience, reflecting the immutable truths revealed to man via Jesus Christ and His visible Church He left behind so we wouldn’t be moral waifs. Especially  if it interferes with her selfish access to free so-called “birth control”.

Begone from us and depart with your father of lies, Sandy.


One thought on “Fluke is a fraud, part of war on preborn women and religion…

    […] and NEA for being so forward thinking and “progressive”! Maybe he can coordinate with slutty Sandy Fluke who needs only $3K for all her “contraceptive” needs as an overaged 32 year old law […]

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