Ray Lewis: will there ever be justice for murder victims?

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Ray “I Be Killer Gansta” Lewis may be flashing more bling than normal soon. With that extra SB ring he got hisself a couple weeks ago.

What will probably never happen is justice for the two men whom he is alleged to have murdered or at least participated in their murder in some fashion. The knife used to slash and kill the two men has never been found and never examined for forensic evidence.

Ray Lewis has 6 kids with 4 different women. He was with another woman he had just met a day before the night of those murders in Atlanta. Rather than with his pregnant GF at the time.

Ray got off with a minor sentence and a $250K fine from the NFL. Why would the NFL fine an innocent man? Why does an innocent man like Donte Stallworth pay a family $4.5 million to shut them up after a vehicular homicide?

God and those fools only know. For all his talk about God, Ray Lewis sure did a great injustice that night. We’ll all find out on the other side. In the meantime, like his deceased former Ratbirds, owner Art Modell, ESH says a murderer like Ray Lewis should NEVER be allowed in the HOF, let alone be spoken with such high praise as the liberal sports talking heads. They also need to strip OJ Simpson of his HOF status.

After all, they keep Pete Rose out of the baseball HOF and all he did was gamble. And all Rush did was tell the truth about Donovan McNabb and the drive by media’s need to elevate an average QB, and ESPN fired him for truth telling.



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