Remember when?

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Some people, like Tony Soprano, see discussions of “remember when” as the lowest form of talk.

Yet, that is not true. We know how nefarious and evil Klan Parenthood is, in ESH’s opinion, as the country’s largest domestic terrorist organization.

Here’s a prophetic flashback as the Pittsburgh director of the NAALCP (or NAACP) thundered that promotion of the high dose steroidal oral so-called “contraceptive” was ‘racial genocide’ for black people.


Smart man. That was definitely in keeping with the racial cleansing genocide program dreamed up by PP founder Margaret Sanger, known as the “Negro project” using black ministers in local black churches as the hand puppets of PP to promote so-called contraception, sterilization and abortion of all stripes to blacks in their pews.

Seems it worked: blacks are roughly 12% of the US population, yet account for 38% of all surgical abortions. The percentage may be higher when we consider the even higher amounts of chemical abortions by the Pill, IUD, Plan B, ella, Implanon, etc.

Now, there’s your racism, bro!


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