Laura wants out, sodomites whine…

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Laura Bush wants out of an ad for a radical pro-sodomite group with whom she does not share any convictions. They put her name and image on an ad without permission or consent, from public reports, ESH has learned.

Laura Bush and Dick Cheney aren't courageous
Now, the pro-soddies at Salon, Huffing Puffing Post and elsewhere are having a hissy fit and whining about her “lack of courage”. Gimme a break boys….er, gurls. Whatever.

She and Cheney, upon whom the left wished death a thousand times, won’t come over to the wild side for the pro-soddies, and they are pee-yowed as a scorned woman usually is. Er, scorned guys? Whatever.

Sorry, but conservatives just don’t want to give you cover of some kind of legitimacy for a perverted lifestyle filled with psychological tumult and unsanitary practices leading to serious hygeine problems and disease, sometimes death. Both physical and spiritual.

ESH guesses, once again, it’s Bush’s fault!


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