Shock: Father of US slavery was….BLACK….

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Here’s a shocker you won’t hear during all the PC media pieces on so-called “Black History Month” going on during February.

The father of US slavery was….shock….a BLACK man, Anthony Johnson (seen above). The earliest recorded judicial case of a man insisting someone work for him for his natural life, for free, was Anthony Johnson with respect to another black man, John Casor in the commonwealth of Virginia, in Northampton County.

Here’s part of the account:

Understand the true significance of this case. Johnson was not suing to have John Casor fulfill some measure of a debt of servitude. Instead, he insisted the court grant his petition that “he had ye Negro for his life.” He was claiming the services of John Casor for the remainder of Casor’s natural life. To my knowledge, there is no earlier record of judicial support given to slavery in Virginia except as a punishment for crime. Anthony Johnson was asking the court to award him John Casor (who had committed no crime) as a slave.

Parker and one other influential landowner, both white, sided with Casor. However, the court ruled for Johnson. In the original language taken from the original documents is the decision of the county court:

“Court of Northampton; Eight Mar, Anno1654:
Whereas complaint was this daye made to ye court by ye humble peticion of Anth. Johnson Negro ag[ains]t Mr. Robert Parker…”

The remainder is at the WND link above in the first paragraph.
Now, go and tell all your guilt-ridden white liberal friends and family…

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