1,362 duplicate programs and $365 Billion, Barrie…

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Tom Coburn, R-OK, did the leg work for the Kenyan kommie again. So here is what he has to say about the many duplicate programs the federal government is doing.

[Here’s Barrie recently living it up with the 1 Percenters on the taxpayer dime]

We can easily chop off $365 Billion from sequester and tomorrow no one will know the difference except some bureaucrats picking th pockets of the taxpayers at least twice for the same non-essential non-services:

Sen. Tom Coburn M.D.@TomCoburn

#SequesterThis: 1,362 duplicative programs costing at least $364.5B per year. My letter to OMB: http://goo.gl/3lviM  #duplicationnation

Did ‘ya notice the Kenyan and the left have given up on the topic their losing overwhelmingly, gun control?



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