Barrie: It was us after all!

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The Kenyan kommie, long known for mendacity and a foreigner to the truth, has once again admitted that it was the White House, in fact, “we put forth the design for the sequestration”. Mind you this was just in a day or two after excoriating the wascally Wepublicans for bringing Sequestration and other financial catastrophes upon the yet-to-be-realized Peoples Republic of the USA.

The Kenyan is working community organizingly and feverishly, even into his lame duck second term, to destroy as much as he can of the greatness and civility left in a dwindling post-Christian USA.

Part of that is the Chicken Little (but not Chik-Fil-A?) imitation of the (actually) $44 Billion in auto cuts from the remainder of the 2013 budget year that ends Sept 30th.

What, no $85 billion? No, it’s gonna be pro rated. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, lib-folk. The sky will not fall. Well, not yet.

And those nasty “cuts”? ESH is here to inform the low information voters out there, many of them pent up with the mental disease of liberalism, that the “cuts” are actually reductions in the rate of INCREASE in spending. Yes, that is right, public school grads. The mightily upward bound arrow is just going to get a 2.2% minor downward adjustment. In the end of the budget year in September, we will see that, in fact, the US spent more this budget year than last year. And that’s ON TOP of the $6 Trillion extra Barrie has added to our staggering national debt in just 4 years.

There were no cuts. Only a minor, teenie weenie slowdown in the insatiable tax and spendthrift addiction of the Kenyan kommie and his lib Dem friends in Congress.

Class dismissed.


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