If you like your doctor, you can keep him…

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That’s one of the hundreds of lies with socialized medicine in the us, known as Obamacare, named after the Kenyan kommie pretender to the throne.

DNR Daily Mail Lorraine Bayless

Mrs Lorraine Bayless, in California, found that out at the end of February. The assisted living arrangements she had claim their policy was NOT to help someone in acute medical emergency, even though basic decency and the positive Divine and natural law dictate otherwise in such a situation.

The parable of the Good Samaritan is a close resemblance of this sad story that ended in the untimely death of the 85 year old female. Thanks to a dispatch assist from a bull headed “nurse” at the facility.

Caveat emptor: old folks won’t need the bureaucratic death panels of Barrie and his komrads to be dispatched as the useless eaters they are seen as by the Euthanasia Squads; they can just employ the vanguard cadre of willing refuseniks like the “nurse” at Mrs Bayless’ assisted living home.

ESH warns the masses to observe this post-Christian, cold, loveless, socialistic Amerikka rejoice in this workers’ paradise republik!



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