Aloha: Hawai’i Dem Senate wishes to impose its immorality on hospitals

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Seems the nabob nannies at the overwhelmingly Dem controlled Senate in the Aloha state just have lots of time on their hands. Now they want to impose their IMmorality on the hospitals of Hawai’i. They hope to do so by requiring dispensing of the abortifacient so-called morning after pills such as Plan B and ella.

Remember the constant whining of the left in the 1960s and onward that conservatives, Catholics, Christians, etc want to impose their religion on everyone?

In fact, it is the hyper-religious left, which seeks to impose their IMmorality on an unwilling public, but their hypocrisy is readily ignored by the state run drive by media.

A reasonable amendment by one of the lonely GOP members of the Hawai’i senate to exclude religious hospitals was shot down immediately by the Dems. No sense honoring the First Amendment unless it is a kook burning the flag or promoting the destruction of the USA, right?



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