Sede vacante…

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As this interim period of time comes upon the Catholic Church while the Chair of St Peter is empty–following the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI–ESH can envision a period of fraternal charity seldom displayed by conciliar Catholics towards those who favor and rationally endeavor for the stability and Catholicity of Eternal Rome, unchanging Magisterial teaching that mirrors Our Lord’s commands and instructions, and does not violate organic growth on those same teachings via Tradition.

Even for those conciliar types love to call pejoratively call “sedevacantists” or “schismatic”, ESH guesses for a brief period of time, we are all sedevacantists, at least until we again hear the words “Habemus papam!”  The liberal termites within the Bosom of Holy Mother Church love to hurl those type of insults to those who do–and wish to–remain nothing less than Catholic, no touchy feely “ecumania”, syncretist notions, compromisers, Vatican II-as-super-councilists, LGBT-sensitivists or other forms of religious mental disease.

Enjoy the exhiliarty of faith, hope and (some) charity…pray for the canonization of a great man of Tradition whom the liberals scorn and calumnize, and who nearly singlehandedly help assure the continuation of the Tridentine Rite Holy Mass, reinforced again in July 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI in Summorum pontificum.


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