Hey John, YOU calm down!

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McCain has been running his big mouth again this morning, along with Lindsey Graham, giving cover to the drone strike program by the Kenyan kommie against Americans on US soil.

Senator Rand Paul Ends Filibuster

He told Rand Paul, after a very successfully and brilliantly orchestrated filibuster session yesterday in the Senate, to “calm down”. This from the guy who torpedoed and undermined the better half of his 2008 ticket against the Kenyan kommie. This from the guy who feared saying the Kenyan’s full name: Barack Hussein Obama in that same campaign.

And Graham, that great prosecutor of Clinton’s impeachment in the House in 1999. Lindsay, we hardly know ‘ye!

The Kenyan kommie giving the demonic hand signal…

The new turks in the GOP are at war with the old bulls, who would rather chow down on some expensive steaks with the Kenyan last night at a DC hotel than defend briliant patriots like Paul, who are defending the Consitution and basic American rights.

Let’s hope the fiscal and socially conservative new Tea Party types like Paul and Ted Cruz prevail. With old bulls like McCain and Graham the GOP is sunk for the next few decades.


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