Redskins: lib-tards waiting to be offended…

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The lib-tards just sit around, waiting to be offended by somethign or someone. One of those situations is names of sports teams.

credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

They’ve had a running feud with the NFL Washington Redskins.

I’d don’t know; I kind of like the name. It conjures a manly, strong, brave almost rustic hearkening back to respect and reverence for the tough warriors that American Indians were (not to be confused with 7-11 type Asian Indians; funny how different those two types of Indians are, but I digress).

Which leads ESH to another pet peeve: they are not Native Americans, as we ALL are native Americans, those of us fortunate enough to be born on within the shores of the USA. Public school grads, please take notes: the proper and correct name for the redskins is “Indigenous Americans”.

This proves yet again liberalism is a mental disease. The fed board hearing the latest “appeal” of some libs using Indians as a front needs to be completed and quickly in favor of the Redskins and the NFL….after all, who can respect a name like the “not so fierce minority ethnic group that was indigenous hundreds of years ago”?

Sidebar: will Barrie Soetoro O’Bama wanna take away the redskins’ guns or are they grandfathered from his unconstitutional proclivities? Just sayin’!



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