RNC had better wake up…

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Instead of throwing its own under the bus, Reince Priebus and fellow blue blood GOP higher ups had better learn their lesson from the last election: throw your own under the bus, attack loyal patriots like Rand Paul for exercizing his rights as a US senator, and you may end up losing all three points of the election triad in 2014.

McCain and Graham doing the Kenyan’s dirty work the next day did not help their cause either.

Don’t do it, Reince!

Indiana’s Mourdock said absolutely nothing wrong in his interview.  There were no biological or scientific errors [something ESH can’t say the same for politicians and the drive by media with their fake science of “fertilized egg” and other assinine expressions].

Missouri’s Akin ‘hyperbolized’  the idea that stress could adversely  affect fertility, but it remains essentially correct that pregnancy from rape only accounts for a minute, tiny portion of abortions committed in the US.

Get on the good stick and be smart in 2014, Reince. Or you could see the Kenyan kommie also taking the House for a trifecta.


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