Wrong direction. Maduro…

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The madness of mind known as socialism/marxism has hit the new dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

The latter now claims his dead predecessor, Hugo Chavez, was influential in the election of a South American, Jorge Mario Bergaglio, as the new Pope Francis I.

How? Since we know Chavez was likely unrepentant of killing hundreds, maybe thousands of Venezuelans, unjustly incarcerating any opposition or enemies, and of promoting a masonic-based secular humanism that deifies man rather than the Triune God. He worshiped himself and communism, the anti-Christian secular religion he embraced early in life.

Without knowing with complete certainty, ESH thinks hell is a little fuller of souls with the passing of Chavez, unless the Mercy of God intervened at his moment of death. His nearly complete execution of revolutionizing his country to a marxist dictatorship bodes poorly for any celestial destiny for Little Hugo.

Remember he once claimed Bush43 was the devil and he smelled the smoke of sulfur after following Bush in a speech at the godless UN.

Oh, he faced the Immaculate Face of Christ at his end, as Maduro proposes. However, ESH doesn’t think it went all too well for Hugo.

Someone pass the Abilify to Nicolas.


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