Mahony chirps while LA diocese bleeds…

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As in 10 million samolis. Cardinal Roger Mahony, retired and not laicized former archbishop of America’s largest diocese was chirping away on his Tweet account about how Franciscan and “of the poor” level new Pope Francis I is.

Or will be in Mahony’s estimation. Meanwhile, there was nothing Franciscan about how his diocese and the pewsitters bled another $10 million while Mahony attended the recent Conclave. He should’ve been found ineligible for all the scandal he caused in his diocese. Not only from all the sex abise cover ups and nearly $500 million in payouts that were required to settle with these victims.

Mahony was censured but not removed from duty nor did he have his faculties as a priest removed or modified by current Archbishop Gomez of LA. That was just window dressing for the masses.

But also his long rumored sodomite relationship with his significant other in their Long Beach townhouse.

500 known victims, 500 clerics incarcerated for their homosexual trists and pederasty with younguns, 122 other clerics accused, 12000 pages of documents released and Mahony never had to directly answer for any of it not spend one day in jail. And his ‘friend’ Cardinal William Levada has strongly defended the bleak record of ruined lives by Mahony.

He did a great job covering up the homosexual sex abuse of the young as well as promoting the so-called ‘gay’ agenda. At least 79 reasons why right here…

Is that the kind of ‘social justice’ his fondness for ‘liberation theology’ is all about?


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