FDA OK’s new abortifacient IUD, Skyla…

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The FDA recently approved a new IUD called Skyla. The abortifacient device, besides acting as a mechanical irritant to the uterus is also impregnanted with the progestin levonorgestrel, the same high dose steroid used in the abortifacients like Plan B, Next Choice, etc.


The device is meant to have an insertion life of approximately 3 years according to the manufacturer Bayer.  Look for more of the recent propaganda programs from various parts of the abortion-contraception-pop control crowd denying the unchanging pharmacology of IUDs, including steroid-laced Skyla.

The primary mechanism of action is irritation of the endometrium, making the uterus inhospitable to receiving newly created life, according to the FDA approved package insert. The progestin acts as a double whammy, thining the lining of the endometrium so as to chemically make it inhospitable for implantation, ergo it’s abortifacient mechanisms.

This is the first new IUD approved in the US since abortifacient Mirena was approved in 2000. Prior to that, decades of no IUDs in the US was the norm following billions of dollars in lawsuit settlements over IUDs like the Dalkon shield and Paragard. From a strictly business perspective, Mirena is the subject of dozens of lawsuits at present, so the financial and PR risks are high for Bayer while profitability is on the downside.

Retail pricing will likely be comparable to Mirena ($380 US) with many plans not covering devices, ESH is hoping for little to no interest on the aboretifacient when paired with the litigous happy consumers in the US.



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