Regime’s court throws out conscience suit by EWTN against the Diktat…

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The Regime’s courts that are favorable to its HHS diktat threw out another religious conscience lawsuit, this time by radio/TV giant Catholic EWTN.

If there is an organization that is SOLELY religiously based, but falls shy of being a church unto itself, it is EWTN, founded by Mother Angelica, legendary for her orthodoxy and faithfulness to Church teachings.

Liberal Judge Sharon Blackburn insisted the time is not “ripe” for a review of the merits of the case since the Regime has promised to “revise rules” impinging on conscience and religious rights vis-a-vis the illicit mandates of Obamacare including paying for abortifacients, so-called “contraceptives” and sterliizations, as well as surgical abortions.

Shame on the courts like this, acting as rubber stamps for the Regime of the Kenyan kiddie killer, says ESH. Much like in totalitarian states like North Korea, Venezuela, Commie China, Vietnam, etc.


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