No Jesus for you, forever! Next!

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The anti-religion Nazis at the ACLU and separation of church-state wing nuts are at it again. This time in south central Ohio, the bible belt area of the Buckeye state. ACLU and fellow travelers threaten lawsuits which would empty the treasury of small town school districts.

Brave souls that they are, they cave to the intolerant bigoted Christophobes.

In tiny Jackson, OH had a student Christian group put up a traditional photo of Jesus in the high school. It was more than the anti-Christian lefties could stand. It must be taken down, or children may die. It cannot wait. Ah, the sounds that are so similar to soviet era Mother Russia or present day commie China or North Korea.

Of course, this all happens around major Christian holy days like Easter and Christmas. Someone scream “hate crime!” These haters forgot the lessons other freemason-driven groups and nations learned: the more you persecute the more people will proclaim the Social Kingship of Christ over all nations, including tiny, backwater Jackson, OH.

Just like the fanatic soup Nazi in Seinfeld, guess there’s no Jesus for you, forever!




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