Go West, young man!

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More and more, Texas is showing why big is better, as in bigger paycheck. Say, versus, a tax-happy state like CA, NY or elsewhere.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo may have the 5th largest NFL salary in GROSS pay, but he is now 1st in NET pay. And the latter is what matters, as it is take home pay, EFT transferred directly to his checking or savings account.

Why? No state income tax in TX, and Gov Rick Perry, for all his RINO failings, does understand how to gin up economic growth in the 2nd largest populated state.

Meanwhile, hightest grossing paid player Joe Flacco, of the Baltimore Ratbirds, is having Gov Mallory clean his clock like Clay Matthews Jr on a rampage, by the MD tax department, sucking the winds out of his recent $20 Mill/year deal.

Proving once again, even if sports stars are lefties or libs, they understand green, as in what’s-in-it-for-me, bottom line economics. That’s why more of them are vying to play in tax friendly states or that some owners are even considering relocating their franchises to such states.

Hey Kenyan kommie, drop the Choom and pay attention!


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