Mike Izzotti, VP of PFLI, passed away; Divine Liturgy offered…

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The vice president of Pharmacists For Life International (PFLI) and long time director of PFLI Canada, Mike Izzotti, passed away peacefully on 21 Mar 2013 AD. 

A funeral Mass was offered for Mike on 26 Mar 2013 in his hometown of Hamilton, ON.

A Divine Liturgy for the repose of Mike’s soul was held yesterday, at the behest of PFLI, at St Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Brecksville, OH, a suburb of Cleveland.

A long time foe of baby killing abortion and euthanasia, Mike fought diligently for the rights of conscience for pharmacists in Canada. The battled heated up more in 2002 when the provincial pharmacy board (called a “College” in Canada) pushed for OTC dispensing of common abortifacients known often as “emergency contraception” or “morning after pill” (e.g. Plan B, ella, Next Choice, etc).

Mike was 56 and leaves behind several siblings and nephews and nieces. He had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for some time.

ESH was proud to have known Mike and for his courage in fighting for his faith and the right to life of the smallest of our brothers and sisters. Requiescat in pace. Vichnaja pamjat!



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