Dems start freaking out over Obamacare…

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Theoretical discussions and rants now begin to turn into painful reality and its got lot of Dems worried. Especially, since the “state exchanges” won’t kick in now until 2015, AFTER the mid-term elections in Nov 2014.

Count on a number of GOP candidates running against Obaamcare and slicing/dicing their Dem opponents.

Just a couple weeks ago over 30 Dem senators voted to rescind the punitive medical devices tax imposed by Obamacare…in a non-binding vote. But, despite that, more and more Dems in redder states are taking shots against the Kenyan kommie’s Regime.

It is cracking, the left’s foundational monolith…ESH finds a schadenfreud in Obamacare unravelling given that a great majority of the populace have been opposed to this brand of socialized medicine that usurps religious rights, especially of the Catholic Church and its adherants, and wages a war of abortifacients and abortion against tiny women.

That’s not to mention the death panels that will be targeting gramps and gramdma, as highlighted again recently with cancer centers turning away Medicare patients.


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