Dobrodosli doma!

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Today, at 9:38PM local time,  the great anti-communist spiritual leader of the post- World War II emigre Slovenians,  +Bishop GregorijRožman has been (finally) delivered to his home soil of Slovenija, many decades after he fled the communist revolution there, shortly before the communist Partizan Regime tried to “liberate” him of his life.

Rozman had been interred at the Slovenian cultural center in Lemont, IL since his death in Nov 1959. As was typical, counter-revolutionary patriots were smeared as “Nazi collaborators” by the communist propaganda machine and Rozman was not spared the calumny.

Communique ESH received today from a rojak:

Subject: Končno doma

Sodeč po poročilu o pristankih letal, je g. škof Gregorij od danes, torka, 9. aprila, od 21.38 v domovini Sloveniji. Naj bo njegov prihod blagoslovljen, naj počiva v miru med nami.
–F. Petrič


Gregorij Rožman
Gregorij Rožman was a Slovenian Roman Catholic clergyman and theologian. Between 1930 and 1959, he served as bishop of the Diocese of Ljubljana. He is most famous for his anti-communist role during World War II.
Died: November 16, 1959, Cleveland, OH

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