NRA: ‘bit off more than he can chew”…

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Seems the anti-second amendment, pro-baby killing Kenyan kommie has bit off more than he could chew, according to the NRA. At least when it comes to his fetish for taking everyone’s guns away.

Even the Dems are deserting Soetoro and his lefty buddies and heading for the exits. Many are up for re-election in 2014, and in reddish states that like their guns. That’s probably why Dingy Harry Reid even voted against his own bill in the Senate on gun registration and data collecting by the Eye of Sauron also known as the federal government. It fell short of the needed super majority, 54-46.

Forget it, Barrie! It’s DOA now. You will not win this one, despite your hissy fit over the bill afterwards, acting like the community organizer that you are deep down. Never leading. Always agitating. All you need now is Bill Ayers and your Weatherground terrorist pals to chum around with once again.

Oh, are they busy up in Boston and Watertown?

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