Messed with the Žokar…

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That’s a better aliteration of the dude’s name. Suspect #2.

The AP, Reuters and other drive by state controlled media types are linguistically lazy and did the usual hodge podge of scribble when it comes to a foreign language, especially if it is in a non-Western alphabet lke Cyrillic.

And the last name? Spelled in Cyrillic as Caphaeb is closely aliterrated as “Tsarnaeyev”…the C is always pronounced like a “ts” sound in Russian and Cheneyan, as in the former royal ruler of the Russias, the Tsar.

And the kooks on the left especially the drive bys? There must’ve been heads exploding Friday night, when the drama continued to unfold with the capture of suspect #2, Chechnyan Islamofascists. Not angry “white men” as the following had hoped:

The kookiness continues.  One libtard chick professor type says we used too much force in capturing these two coward murderers…

Matthew Sheffield of Newsbusters has supplied  a collection of tweets coming from Žokar Tsarnayev’s account, celebrating the 2012 victory of Obama over Romney.    Accompanying this is a long list of links showing the leftist media trying to paint the two brothers, who are  blamed for the Boston Jihad, as “conservatives”.

It must be up-the-SSRI-dose painful knowing one is just crappily bad at their chosen, er, “profession”.



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