Pants on fire…

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The turd doesn’t drop far from the Bubba. In the Clinton household, as we found out from 8 years, mendacity and illicit activities are a way of life.

Hillary the Skanky has once again shown she holds to the maxim, “Liar, liar pants on fire.”

The House Benghazi report is out and it calls her out in no certain terms as having lied before the House hearings on Benghazi back in January this year.

Clinton claimed she never saw any requests for security assistance at the embassy but the facts tell a very different version, one in which a number of requests made it to her office, whether she looked at them or not, certainly an assistant did.

Flashback: Remember in 2002 when then-Sen. Clinton held up a sign in the Senate stating “Bush knew”. Got one for yourself, hun?

ESH says this is par for the course. This bunch run by the Kenyan kommie, politicizes everything and every event, and lying is a way of life. Period. How do you know? Their lips are moving.


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