Note to Kenyan kiddie killer: God doesn’t ‘bless’ the devil’s work…

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The Kenyan kiddie killer, the first sitting president to address Klan Parenthood live, concluded his remarks this morning with a “God bless you”.

Note to the Kenyan kiddie killer: God doesn’t ‘bless’ the handiwork of the devil. That’s what PP does, bragging about killing in excess of 350,000 innocent preborns via surgery every year. Then add the millions of chemical abortions it provides via Plan B, ella, and other abortifacients including the Pill, IUDs, Depo Provera, Implanon and so forth.

All those millions of lives snuffed out annually. All those millions of moms exposed to Class I carcinogens, many of them multiple times. And the well documented ABC link of abortion to breast cancer sums up why rates in women of child bearing age are going UP not down, all the theatrics of the Komen Foundation to the contrary notwithstanding.

Does not the Kenyan know if Margaret Sanger–founder of the country’s largest domestic terrorist group–had her way, he would’ve been aborted as part of her racist “Negro Project”? Then there would be no community agitator pretender to the presidential throne, would there, Barrie?


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