Boston: priests denied access to giving last rites at bombing scene…

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Chalk up another one for the continued secularization of society. While all forms of first responders were granted access during 9/11, just 12 years later the reality has shifted in Boston, once an upstanding, solidly Catholic town.

Clerics of various denominations including a number of them just down Boyleston Street from the Boston bombings on April 15th, were denied access–and complained–to giving last rites to injured and dying victims of the blast.

ESH guesses the spiritual matters of humans doesn’t matter to these heathens any longer, only the material and the physical.

Meanwhile, a Mohammedan “imam” was quoted as saying he would not give their equivalent of last rites at the scene. Of course, they don’t have the ineffable gift of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ to offer. Only futile words to their pagan god.

Who are these tyrants and despots to deny Catholics the spiritual food for the journey home?


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