FDA flaunts judge, says abortifacient OK for 15 year olds…

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The FDA, asserting its authority over approval of drugs in the US, yesterday approved use of the highly abortifacient Plan B One Step for girls as young as 15 years. This contradicts a recent legal decision from a NY federal judge stating that the high dose steroid must be available for ANY female, regardless of age.

That decision went through a long convoluted discussion of how the Secretary of HHS, abortoholic Kathleen Sebelius–how can we forget the fundraisers in KS for her by late term abortionist-murderer Tiller the Killer?–is not medically qualified to put restrictions on drugs like Plan B.

While that is correct, the same applies to secular, areligious judges who try to rule like despots from the bench as if they have any qualifications WHATSOEVER to rule on anything pharmaceutical.

Judge Edward Korman makes a mockery of the drug approval process as does the FDA on a regular basis, both worried more about the politics of drugs rather than assisting the public in procuring safe and effective drugs for true medical maladies, and not for normal functions of the human anatomy and physiology such as pregnancy.

ESH says remove this CDC-decreed carcinogenic high dose steroid from the market since it a danger to moms and babies, and assists incest and rapists in covering up their crimes.

Factoid: there is nothing of an “emergency” with use of this chemical nor is it, for all practical matters, a “contraceptive”, being abortifacient >85% of the time it’s used in pregnant females.


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