Weld County, CO to ban dispensing abortifacient Plan B…

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A recent article shows one should not leave the business of accurate science to a lefty lib writer who knows nothing about science to wit, there is NO such thing in biology as a “fertilized egg”.

Weld County, CO is once again attempting to ban paying for abortifacients like Plan B with public monies.

ESH has reviewed the science of the Carnegie Stages of Embryology, so he won’t repeat it for the low information voters who have difficulty paying attention, including lefty writers in the drive by state run media. Furthermore, various studies have proven repeatedly that the abortifacient Plan B and similar products are abortifacient around 85% of the time.

The manufacturer has also stated this in all their official literature and on their website. That carries more weight than an MD who “says so” and has about a semaester’s worth of pharmacology and whose main source of drug info are non-medical pharma reps and the lamestream media.


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