When will gals from NAG and NARAL come to the rescue?

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ESH wonders when the gals at NAG (National Association of Gals or a/k/a NOW) and NARAL will come to the defense of one of their own, sexual predator and long term kidnapper Arial Castro of Cleveland, OH.

Currently adorned with an orange jumpsuit in the Cleveland Justice Center jail  and $8 million in bond demands by Cleveland Municipal Court, Castro did what was expected of any good registered Democrat (see pic below from Pharmer): he kept abortion safe (sic), legal but not so rare. And he did keep them barefoot, pregnant and on various leashes. The gals at NAG and NARAL really like that kind of respect for womenfolk, right?

Ariel_Castro_Registration_600 democrat

In fact, kidnapped victim Laura Knight–one of three captive sex slave victims of Castro over a 13 year period–stated yesterday during questioning, that Catsro had impregnated her at least 5 times and then beat and starved her for up to 14 days at a time to perform his own Gosnell-styled domestic abortion.

What Castro failed to understand was that NAG, NARAL and the entire leftist cabal had made it sooooooo easy for him just to go the local chain pharmacy and pick up some Plan B or other abortifacient, and he could have easily performed his home abortion with chemicals rather than all that aerobic exercize on Knight.

Where are Catsro’s leftist abortoholic defenders? Hmmmmm? Who has REALLY been waging a war on women?

Fluke is a fraud, part of war on preborn women and religion...


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