Wider net: IRS harassed at least 2 leaders of Pharmacists For Life Intl..

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“In the wake of the mushrooming IRS scandal, it was learned today that the widening circle of pro-life leadership hit with attempted harassment and intimidation by the IRS has included at least two members of the officers and board members of Pharmacists For Life International (PFLI).

“PFLI disclosed today that at least two of its officers and board members have been subjected to ongoing harassment and intimidation attempts by the IRS through continued and costly nuisance audits and threatening letters over a period of months and years.

“The two, who are not being identified at present, have generally come away with clean audits and demands for information by the IRS, often with ugly threats of reprisal, confiscation of money and property and inconvenient arrangements for audit reviews and meetings. At least one time, the harassing audit proved to yield a larger REFUND for one of the two individuals, much to the consternation of the IRS.

You can read the rest of it here….

Seems the abortoholic lefties at IRS also were harassing some other pro-life groups (all told the count is now >500 groups) even mandating one promise NOT to picket Klan Parenthood, a prima facie violation of the First Amendment.

This tsunami of exposes is drowning the abortoholic Kenyan kiddie killer and his illicit Regime. This along with Benghazi, AP phone tapping and other insults to the American public are finally getting some light shone on them by the drive by media, long the stenographers and propagandists for the Kenyan kommie.



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