Fed appeals court stays Korman’s Plan B free-for-all

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In a suprising move on Monday this week, a federal 3 member appeals panel stayed a recent decision by NYC based fed judge Edward Korman re: the abortifacient Plan B.

For the time being anyway, Plan B may NOT be bought by any willing female without a prescription. The temporary decision allows the new FDA rule that it be sold OTC to females 15 or older will prevail. This, of course, still leaves open the possibility that sexual predators and slavery types like Ariel Castro of Cleveland, OH can abuse young underage women, against their will, and then dispose of his crime by forcing them to ingest abortifacients like Plan B, ella, etc.

Recall recently a doctor’s son in Tampa tricked his girlfriend into using an abortifacient without her knowledge when he wanted to walk away from their relationship and the baby he helped sire. He got arrested for his deceit.

ESH thinks at a minimum, the same should apply to a powerful steroid abortifacient like Plan B et. Better yet, remove all of them from the US market since they offer no true medicinal value, only death and danger to moms and babies.

That would be the scientific and morally correct thing to do. But, of course, we’re speaking of the Regime of the Kenya kommie and his FDA under Sebelius, lover of partial birth abortion murderer “Tiller the Killer” during her KS gubernatorial days.


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