Lefty Jewish women support sex abusers via abortifacient Plan B…

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The so-called National Council of Jewish Women, long time ardent supporters of baby killing via abortion, has bemoaned the FDA restricting the abortifacient Plan B to girls 15 and over.

By doing so, they deny the Abortion Holocaust and throw the baby out with the chemical abortion bath water. They also are, by extension, supporting perps and sexual offenders by assisting them in covering up and hiding their sexual crimes against underage girls.

Tsk, tsk! The gals at NCJW should be ashamed. And maybe keep their nose out of the business of the profession of pharmacy and medicine. Baby killing has no place in healthcare, as the trial of murderer Kermit Gosnell has shown us.

ESH says you can’t hide his crimes and those of many other similar abortionists any more. C’mon gals, let’s end the Abotion Holocaust together, not promote more of it!

Mir z Vami!



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