Communion in the hand IS an abuse…

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Nice to see an article in a non-Traditional source defending Communion on the tongue (for Latin Rite Catholics anyway).

By way of historical note, we know Communion in the hand was a derogation by Pope Paul VI who basically was throwing up his hands in despair over the high level of abuse and disobedience on the practice, especially in the Western countries of Europe and the US.

It is well known Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI fought valiantly to reverse this trend, since lay peoples’ hands are not consecrated as are those of a priest or ordained deacon on his way to priesthood. He restored the norm as mandatory at Papal Masses.  Moreso, hands can often be dirty from the street and not abluted to receive the Sacred Species which is, after all, the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Finally, Communion in the hand is an opportunity for both accidental and calculated disrespect of the Sacred Species. For we have heard horror stories like that related in the linked article above. And we also know, Satanists always seek the Sacred Species to defile during their black masses. Let us not be naive.

Let us bow down and show respect and reverence for the Truth of Jesus Christ in the Sacred Species, Him whom the various choirs of angels adore unceasingly before the Throne in Heaven.


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