Greeley’s secret died with him…

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Modernist and chronic anti-Magisterial “Father” Andrew Greeley died this past Thursday. Always a quick one to disagree with official Church teachings and first to depart from them, rebel modernist that he was, Greeley did take one secret with him to the grave, says Matt Abbott, long time Catholic writer on Renew America’s blog site.

You can read Abbott’s full details but the sum of it is this: Greeley–a prolific writer if there ever was one– knew in some detail that there was no question that the problem of the sexual abuse scandals in the Church were directly tied to homosexuality and pederasty, not some other secularist “social evil” like the virtue of celibacy.

Randy Engel, inter alia, has well documented how the Lavender Mafia works in her epic double tome The Rite of Sodomy. For lots of truth, and an eye opener, her classic work is to be read. One caution: it definitely is not for the faith of heart or those with a Pollyanna worldview of the Faith.


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