Yes, Gee is a bigot, hating on “those damn Catholics”…

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Contrary to what was written yesterday by a national spokesman for a Catholic organization, Ohio State University president Gordon Gee is exactly what his “jokes” tell you: an anti-Catholic bigot.

Fortunately, the OSU board of directors has come to the rescue for Gee, a big fan of the Mormon non-Christian cult, with a remediation plan sent to him in March! And for full transparency, we found out this week, he made those crude, bigoted remarks back in Dec 2012, a full 6 months ago. And it only NOW is getting reported. Bravo, OSU trustees!

To their credit, the trustees are officially threatening Gee with dismissal if he has such a Joe Biden moment again. Yeah, right! Last time it was someone not his own size: the Little Sisters of the Poor from the Toledo, OH area. He ended up making up on that one with “a donation”, thinking he can buy off the nuns.

That’s why they paid him a salary of $2.1 million last year, a great ROI and peanuts, considering he is credited with raising  $1 Billion for the largest Ohio university run by the state, and the 3rd largest school in the country. Not to mention having a penalized football program go 12-0 on its way to another national title in fall 2013.

ESH is betting that not only is Gee the cult-Mormon we know about publicly, wonder if he’s also dabbling with the secretive, anti-Catholic freemasons as well. They are well known to protect their own, and that would account for him being so safe in his position despite numerous public gaffs. He is tied at the hip to various “Greek” organizations, many of which are gateway portals for the freemasons.

Imagine if he had going bull-in-a-china-shop against protected, PC minorities like blacks, Mohammedans, sodomites or the like. Bet he’d be gone in a Sergio Garcia moment!



One thought on “Yes, Gee is a bigot, hating on “those damn Catholics”…

    […] announced his retirement effective July 1st. He claimed it is not due to his motor-mouth fumbles as revealed last week for a repeat performance of Catholic bashing in remarks going back to Dec 2012, but not revealed until last week by the […]

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