Responding to smears of Catholic Answers…

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Responding to a smear radio show last Friday 31 May by Catholic Answers, a blog site has put together an interesting rebuke to the nominally “conservative” Catholic group that dates back to the 1980s. While often providing useful answers, CA likes to see Vatican II as a supercouncil, something the last pope (when he was Cardinal Ratzinger) said we clearly should NOT do.

One listener’s comments:  “Or radtrads as they prefer to call them.   In the past, they would only address this issue/crisis obliquely but today they devoted two back to back one hour shows to the topic  (Fri May 31)!

“While I haven’t heard this kind of stuff in a few years, somehow it seemed more cliched than in the past.   All the hot button topics were touched : the Mass, Vatican II, Communion in the hand, Religious Liberty, EENS [outside the Church there is no salvation], and of course, our relationship to the Jews.

“The callers were mostly sympathetic and were it not for the fact that they were largely inarticulate I would have thought they were all shills.  Such suspicions were put to rest when they accepted a call from sedevacantist Fr. Anthony Cekada.  I found myself
no longer amused but hoping they wouldn’t screw things up.  As it is, I think they bit off more than they could chew.”

As of this writing, the CA show audio was not posted yet; click here to find it soon…

Catholic seeking answers are most likely to find the Truth in the seminal unchanging teachings of the Church Fathers, St Thomas Aquinas and the especially the encyclicals of the popes from the early 1700s to Vatican II.



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