Gee, it’s not so bad…

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Anti-Catholic bigot E Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State has announced his retirement effective July 1st. He claimed it is not due to his motor-mouth fumbles as revealed last week for a repeat performance of Catholic bashing in remarks going back to Dec 2012, but not revealed until last week by the AP.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Take out the trash. Gee, it’s not so bad that Gee is going to be gone. His monied defenders do the pat on the back, aw shucks stuff.

Where were these defenders for Sergio Garcia a couple weeks ago? Oh, that’s right, Garcia didn’t raise $1 Billion for the 3rd largest university in the US. Wonder if ex-football coach Jim Tressel could have gotten such a pass as Gee has numerous times?

And Tressel was pretty much the end victim of a blown out of proportions tatoo scandal. He was the easy fall guy instead of a source of the athletics dept. problems at OSU: Cleveland Glenville’s own Gene Smith, the long time athletic director at OSU.

But do not be too crestfallen, ye Gee fans! He’s retiring as president but will continue to have an office at OSU as a consultant, and likely collect a nice contract payout sum in the process, not to mention those lush benefits STRS or PERS have in store for Gee. Cry not ye little people for this Poindexter twit bigot.



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