IRS goes spendthirft on taxpayer dime…

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IRS Employees Held 4 Conferences at Vegas Casinos; Cost: $671,990 [READ MORE]

Think about that the next time they send you a hateful, threatening letter demanding a financial rectal exam. Before you grab your ankles think about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

Fox News reported yesterday that between 2010 and 2012 the IRS spent a whopping $50 Million in various conferences for employees, most of it pure burning of cash with luxurious hotel rooms up to $3500+ per day.

Yet former Treasury tax cheat Tim Geithner told Congress in 2011 that the total the IRS spent 2010-11 was a paltry $500,000.

Oops! Hope ESH won’t be accused again of going negative by reporting the facts about those poor hapless, undertrained souls at the government’s Mafia collections division, the IRS.



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