So do we honor contracts or not?

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Overnight, revelations of 29 yr old Edward Snowden, ex-CIA operative, as the whistleblower on NSA’s spying of nearly all calls, emails, etc of normal private citizens of the US, has the security communities reeling.

And the call from US intel chief, the highly mendacious and incompetent James Clapper,for prosecution of Snowden shows once again the hypocrisy of the word “contract” when used by government. Two private Catholic high school teachers in OH had signed “contracts” with the schools indicating they understood and would uphold Catholic teachings when it came to their role in those schools, both professionally and in their private lives. That’s what the contracts state.

Yet one had an IVF procedure done on herself as an unmarried woman, to boot, and she was subsequently fired and won a court award of around $175K, on appeal by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The other, a self-proclaimed lesbian living in sin, was fired from a Columbus Catholic high school. No legal action has been brought and–surprisingly–the Columbus Diocese is sticking to their guns. They both violated their “contracts” and the drive by state run media and a bit of public opinion defends their “right” to violate a freely entered “contract”.

And now, Clapper wants Snowden porsecuted (and likely put in prison for life or executed) for violating his “contract”. Given the latter had to do ostensibly with national security, it appears no lives are immediately in danger. But souls are in danger with the two violated “contracts” in OH.

What’s the mendacious and incompetent Clapper got his panties in a bunch over? Accordingly to the libs, if Snowden feels like it, he can violate his “contact”, right? Just like the two OH teachers? Why so judgmental and rigid in his thinking? Isn’t this part of the Regime being the “most transparent in history”, ESH wonders?


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