Regime comes around to death judge Korman’s POV…

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The Regime of the Kenyan kiddie killer, long a big fan of baby killing of all stripes, especially the infanticide kind, has come around to the point of view of NYC death judge Edward Korman.

HHS business subsidiary, the FDA, will now allow the abortifacients like Plan B One Step and similar drugs of death, available OTC, without a prescription to all comers, regardless of age. News stories focus on female users under 16 yrs of age.

But, ESH knows these high dose toxic steroids, which have been labeled as class I carcinogens by WHO, have been used for years to cover up crimes of sexual predators of underage girls, such as the recently indicted Cleveland abductor Ariel Castro. For low information voters who have not been paying attention, this means cover up of rapes and incest of countless young girls. Maybe your daughters, nieces or friends.

From the manufacturer’s package insert provided by Pharmer:

More scientific details and truth detecting can be found by clicking here….


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