How you like me now?

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Super sleuth James O’Keefe, whose exposes about ACORN led to the demise of that leftist-marxist organization, has turned the tables on NH Asst AG, Richard Head [Dick Head?, can’t make this stuff up].

In his latest video, O’Keefe – employing the confrontational style that made Mike Wallace famous – showed up at the office of state Associate Attorney General Richard Head with a microphone, three video cameramen and a copy of O’Keefe’s new book, set for release Tuesday, which features an entire chapter on Head and the voter-fraud case.

O’Keefe explains in the opening scene of his video, outside the New Hampshire Department of Justice, that he planned to go inside and ask Head why he had not responded to his Freedom of Information Act request to Head’s office May 8, 2012, asking for all communications Head had with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Watch as a stunned Dick Head has no good answer for O’Keefe’s revealing truth…


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