New Komen head involved in ‘contraceptive’ diktat…

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Embattled breast cancer awareness group Komen for the Cure has announced the selection of a new CEO, Judith A Salerno.

The new face of abortion for the Komen Foundation


Salerno currently serves as executive director and chief operating officer of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), a chief adviser to the Obama Administration regarding the implementation of Obamacare. She is reported to be one of the top advisors to the Regime for enacting the HHS diktat forcing every employer to pay for abortions and abortifacient drugs and devices, regardless of their conscience objections.

Look for Komen’s Race for the Cure to continue to head south: this past year it was revealed that more than 1/3 of cities had dropped the controversial run which raises funds for Komen. The group re-established ties with Klan Parenthood after a Mafia-style shakedown by the country’s largest domestic terrorist organization in 2012.

Komen donations doubled in the days after cutting ties with Planned Parenthood. But after a well-orchestrated backlash from Klan Parenthood’s supporters that dominated national headlines for days, Brinker caved in to the abortoholics’ pressure campaign and restored funding before stepping down from her leadership role.

Komen also has repeatedly refused to publicize the well-documented direct connection between abortion and breats cancer, as well as the cancer connection between the Pill–ranked a class I carcinogen by WHO and the CDC–to breast cancer.

More Holocaust denials, eh?


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