RI Obamacare plans to pay for abortions…

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Residents of the state of Rhode Island who enroll in any of 28 insurance plans offered in the Obamacare state exchange will be forced to pay abortions, whether they like it or not.

During a June 13 hearing before the state House Finance Committee, Christine Ferguson, director of the health benefits exchange established under executive order by former GOP now lefty Dem Gov Lincoln Chafee, confirmed this.

She said that, of the 28 plans approved for inclusion in Chafee’s exchange, “all of those plans, to the best of my knowledge at this point, offer women’s reproductive services.” The latter is lib speak for abortion of any stripe, whether surgical or via chemicals such as Plan B and ella.

Readers of ESH will recall Chafee is the governor who has waged a single-minded war against Christmas, much like a political grinch, calling the state’s capital traditional Christmas tree a “holiday” tree contrary to decades of tradition.

When he was in Congress as a GOPer, he almost always reliably voted with the Dem caucus. Once he left Congress he switched to the Dem party as a reliable lib.


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