BIG Dem to be sidelined for N-word…

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Big time and popular TV phat star, Paula Deen, has been shown the door at the Cooking channel. At least for her contract renewal. For crimes against the poeple and the soviet left in the US: she claimed to have used the unforgiveable N-word decades ago, and under otah, swore she no longer did so.

CLICK Paula Deen Image for expanded view

But there is no mercy or forgiveness for these kinds of sin in the loving, caring, sharing world of intolerance and bigotry of the left. She may as well just change her name to George Zimmerman.

But not to Robert Byrd. He was a big time Dem in the Senate for many moons (a little un-PC Injun lingo there). Chief Silverbyrd was eulogized and slobbered over by Bubba Clinton at his funeral in July 2010.

Bubba excused a vague reference to Byrd growing up in apparently racist WV, joining the Ku Klux Klan and then, pshaw, becoming an Imperial Wizard for the KKK. As well as a freemason.  That means a leadership position for someone propagating their philosophy, recruiting new members and so forth. Not a peep about it in the drive bvy state run media. Not a word of disgust. No throwing “Sheets” Byrd, as he was called in the Senate, to the wolves. No siree!

But as for Paula Deen, a big time Dem, who voted for O’Bama, morte! Too bad she wasn’t some bigoted racist rapper or comedian who non-stop use the N-word in their performances or in a movie like Django. That might mean hypocrisy.

Byrd featured on masonic magazine (lower right)…fared better than Trent Lott (upper right) who was vilified for suggesting we would have been better off under Strom Thrumond as a president


One thought on “BIG Dem to be sidelined for N-word…

    […] The Democrat Left has reared its ugly racist and bigoted head once again. Hypocrites that they are, they will be given a pass by the drive by state run media, unlike Paula Deen’s fate this past weekend. […]

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