Abortoholic thugs stimey TX protection bill…

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For the time being, a raucous cacophony of abortoholics in the gallery thwarted the efforts by the state of TX to ban murder of preborn babies after 20 weeks gestation.

AP Photo

The beautiful people, always respectful and dignified, screamed a deafening roar for more than 10 minutes straight, and even in all the confusion, the TX senate passed the bill. The bill technically died when the Lt Governor could not sign the bill before midnight last night. The minions of Klan Parenthood were truly at work and the sulfur of Satan was noted among the un-showered.

Their victory may be short. TX Govenror Rick Perry has the authority to convene a special session of the TX assembly for a specific purpose, and has indicated he favors doing so to re-consider and, if needed, re-pass and sign this needed bill.

It could mean the death of many of the death peddlers in  the 2nd largest state in the nation.


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