OH budget includes several pro-life pieces…

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The abortoholics are on the verge of having their heads explode. The current OH budget for the FY 2014-15 is about $62 billion and includes many items, including “goodies” politicians like to stuff in a state budget that is approved only every 2 years.

ESH says there are some good items, some items which are not well defined and some items which are economically not so good (such as expansion of Medicaid to 200,000 more Ohioans and increases in certain taxes to offset certain decreases).

From the pro-life view, the measures Republicans added to the budget on Tuesday night included requiring doctors to search for a heartbeat and telling the woman the statistical probability of carrying the fetus to full term before performing an abortion. It is basically a baby at or past 20 weeks post creation.

Also in the budget are provisions to cut off Klan Parenthood clinics from federal family-planning dollars and ban abortion providers from transferring patients to public hospitals. That is a good thing, not giving public funds to the largest domestic terrorist organization.

The usual blah-blah of the left and feminazis is to threaten Gov John Kasich with hate-filled comments and the continuation of the “war on women” narrative by the Dems and the left. They, of course which to continue their war on preborn women, but who’s counting? We’ll see at the next gubernatorial election in Nov 2014. A recent poll shows Kasich with a 54% favorable rating, a 12 pt lead over his Cleveland-based Dem opponent and a burgeoning economy leading to a better-than-average economic recovery in OH vis-a-vis the rest of the nation since the O’Bama Great Recession of 2007 to 2013.

Click here to read the pertinent amendment 4263-2.


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